Turning IP, Innovations, & Networks
into Cashflow & Revenue Streams

What We Do

We partner with small and medium-sized businesses to leverage IP and networks to generate cashflow and additional revenue streams.With our approach, we identify and exploit opportunities that others may overlook due to lack of time, expertise, or awareness.We know that you can generate more revenue from your IP and networks.Then using our cross-industry expertise spans both domestic and international markets, and deep network of strategic partners we open doors for our partners.

How We Do It

1 - Through strategic analysis or test project, we identify your business' latent resources that could be better leveraged for growth.If we're a fit to partner?2 - Tap into these assets and establish strategic alliances and connections to broaden your networks, increase your visibility, and open up new opportunities.3 - Finally, we transform your assets into products and solutions, using our technology, AI, and education resources to scale and/or commercialize.

Why This Approach

Asymmetric Strategy: We mitigate risk by focusing on known assets and reliable partnerships, rather than untested business models.Increased Competitiveness: We help your company gain a competitive edge in your industry, enabling you to better monetize your niche expertise.Cost-Efficiency: Our approach emphasizes the efficient use of your company's existing resources, leading to significant cost savings.Innovation: We find innovative ways to utilize your assets and relationships, potentially developing new products, services, or business models.Goal Alignment: We work collaboratively with you to ensure our strategies align with your business objectives.

Our Work

PastRevenue Growth in Education: A traditional bootcamp education firm saw an addition of +$3 million to their pipeline as we helped them move upmarket. They were using existing IP from a traditional bootcamp model adapted into corporate tech bootcamps.Healthcare Education & Licensing Success: We tapped into existing audiences and brand awareness to generate an additional $6 million in the pipeline for a healthcare education and licensing product.3x AEC Government Data Firm Contract Value: We grew a data firm contracts serving local governments 3x in 18 months. This was achieved by leveraging their untapped strategic partnerships, referrals, expanding networks and growing value of existing clients.Current:Financial Services Growth: Expanding an insurance brokerages financial services arm, by leveraging their existing client base and leads into profitable ventures while forming strategic partnerships to monetize poor-fit leads. We've also developed training material for first-year agents that can be licensed out to other firms.HR Tech: Using IP developed within a corporation, we are growing an HR Tech startup by leveraging the networks of the existing team.


Tristan Ruml

Both my grandfather and father built successful companies in the financial services industry, serving both the US market and Abroad. They developed innovative approaches in legacy industries, developing software and online trainings in the 90s before it was common.This influenced my professional journey, including traveling to +25 countries and working with firms across the US, Europe, and Asia. I regularly visit Prague & CEE, where my family is from.My experiences in emerging economies shaped my views on the untapped potential of people, markets, and ideas. It also demonstrated the importance of simplifying to connect with people of diverse backgrounds, whether clients in a new market, sales & technical teams, or cross-cultural partners.With +10 years of experience in both B2B and B2C, I’ve been able to connect the dots across industries, countries, and cultures to fuel growth and innovation.

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